Bulgari coated bags and tie with stars for Christmas

Roman jewelry and watch house Bulgari has released a festive collection of accessories Winter Holidays 2017, timed to the Christmas and New year. This was reported on the website of the manufacturer.

The new collection includes bags Serpenti Forever with the brand’s signature clasp in the form of stylized snake’s head with enameled scales. The bag is sewn, quilted or metallic leather and decorated with a decorative eight-pointed stars and gold plated metal studs, creating the effect of “snow”. Also in line is presented wallets and card holders different colors and sizes, silk scarves and ties with prints, applied by hand.

Photo: Bulgari 1/4

Bulgari is an Italian jewelry house founded in 1884 in Rome came from Greece Sotirios Bulgaria. The first store sold Antiques, then decorate their own production. Fans of the brand were Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Romy Schneider, Gina Lollobrigida.

In September, the company introduced the accessories collection of the season spring-summer of 2018. The creators drew inspiration from city streets and graffiti.