The Embassy of Finland in USA asked for help in the search for actor Matt Damon

Matt Damon

The Embassy of Finland in USA appealed to users of social networks to help the diplomats to get in contact with American actor Matt Damon. The announcement posted on the website of the Embassy in Facebook.

The Embassy staff want the artist, whose grandfather was an ethnic Finn, recorded a video greeting for the citizens of the centenary of independence.

“All human beings are related to each other. Perhaps you are the one who will help us to find Matt?” — stated in the message.

In the comments one user said that the famous actress Pamela Anderson, too, has Finnish roots, and he would like to see a message from her.

Matt Damon repeatedly mentioned in an interview about his origins. His grandfather from the mother at birth was called John of Pari, but later he changed his name to sounding more American Paige.

Finland from 1809 to 1917 part of the Russian Empire as an autonomy. In 1917, after the October revolution, the country gained independence.