FAS threatened RZD fined for lack of cheap tickets

The Federal Antimonopoly service has threatened the daughter of Russian Railways with a fine in case the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars until November 16. This was reported on the website of the Department.

FAS explains that the law “prohibits the actions of a dominant economic entity which result in the infringement of interests of consumers”. Also, the regulator clarified that this issue will be discussed in the government on 10 November.

Earlier, Russian Railways announced that it would temporarily suspend the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars. In the company of such a step is explained by the fact that FAS has not taken a decision on the level of tariffs for passenger transportation for the next year.

It was noted that all other categories of tickets will remain on sale. The suspension of sales will not affect high-speed trains “Peregrine Falcon”.

Background: the FAS said the timing of the resumption of the sale of Railways tickets