Kakadu threatened the flow of Internet Australians

Kakadu threatened the flow of Internet Australians

The Australian national broadband network (NBN Co), to spend on the construction of fiber optic cables in the country $36 billion, was suddenly faced with a formidable enemy — cockatoo.

Jeltuhay these birds have long been known to Australian farmers for their omnivorous. Cockatoos not only destroy crops, but also sharpening their beaks on the wooden window frame. However, now feathered like the cables that are paving companies serving telecommunications towers, according to Investing.com.

“They constantly sharpen their beaks and as a result, attack and destroy everything that gets in their way. Unfortunately, these birds attracted our cables,” — said one of the employees of NBN Co.

Biologists say that the cockatoos are not attracted to artificial materials, they prefer to sharpen their beaks on the tree. In this case, according to experts, the birds react to the color or location of the cables.

Meanwhile, customer complaints NBN Co for bad service and slow speed has increased by almost 160%. Damage to the company from the attacks of Kakadu has already made $61 500, however, experts believe that this figure may increase. Hoping to reduce waste and protect the cables from the birds, the NBN Co employees began to set on the wire special containers.

However, in the summer of ornithologists found out that the black cockatoo — a virtuoso drummers. Scientists have spent many hours in the rainforests of Northern Australia to observe how birds the males tapping rhythmic tunes to attract females.