In Zimbabwe, a journalist from USA was detained for a comparison of the President with the Goblin

Mar O’donovan with a lawyer

Police in Zimbabwe have detained a journalist from the United States Martha O’donovan, who works at Magamba TV. About it reports Reuters.

In one of his posts on Twitter, the journalist compared the President Robert Mugabe with the Goblin, the account O’donovan at the time of publication notes have been blocked.

The police came to the apartment O’donovan with a search warrant, she seized the laptop. Police said that investigating the case “of undermining the authority or insulting the President.”

The Agency said that this is the first arrest since the establishment of the Ministry of cyber security in Zimbabwe, which monitors social networks.

In early October, the Zimbabwean police detained the journalist of the edition of NewsDay for the message that first lady grace Mugabe gave as donations their clothes, including underwear, supporters for the ruling party. Reporter Kenneth Nyangani accused of committing a socially dangerous wrongful acts. He faces up to six months in prison and a fine of $ 200.

Goblins — humanoid supernatural creatures that, according to Western mythology, in underground caves and can not tolerate sunlight. Their appearance is variously described, there are mentions of the long ears, feline eyes, and long talons for hands.