Italy intercepted procured to support jihadists drugs

Italian financial police together with customs officers intercepted a shipment of synthetic drugs worth 50 million euros. It is reported by ANSA.

The operation was carried out in the port city of Gioia Tauro (area Calabria). As noted, the sender is the party pills is tramadol in India, the ultimate recipient in Libya. Special services believe that the whole chain was controlled by representatives of grouping “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

According to intelligence reports, the proceeds from the sale of drugs the funds were to go directly to the funding of extremist activities.

Preparations on the basis of tramadol in produced in India and Pakistan and have a very low cost. While in Libya, one tablet is sold at a price of two euros. The medicine is very popular among the rebels and terrorists: it is a strong painkiller and also increases stamina.

In some countries, the drug is considered a drug. Russia’s tramadol included in the list of vital and essential medicinal products, and its turnover is regulated from the Federal drug control service.