Swedish politician dressed up for Halloween the killer of the journalist and paid for it

Pontus Bot

A young Swedish politician Pontus Boat from Gothenburg came to the party to celebrate Halloween in the Peter Madsen, a suspect in the murder of journalist Kim Vallee. It is reported by the Goteborgs posten.

The act of a Bot has led to loud scandal, in which he was forced to forgo participation in the upcoming 2018 election. The politician expressed regret in connection with his inappropriate act.

30 October, the Danish inventor of the Madsen admitted that the dismembered body of Valle on his submarine. However, he did not take responsibility for the murder, the motives of the dismemberment of a corpse is also not reported.

On 7 October, the Danish police found the head and feet of the women, Packed in plastic bags. They also lay heavy pieces of metal according to the investigation, in order to flood the body fragments at the bottom. Also found were a knife and fragments of clothes of the deceased.

Genetic examination confirmed that the remains belonged to Valle. On the body also found stab wounds in the chest and genitals. The cause of her death is unknown.

Madsen — engineer and the owner built the submarine “Nautilus”, is the Prime suspect in the murder of 30-year-old Valle. His testimony was constantly changing. Initially he said he dropped off the girl after a three-hour voyage. Then — that Valle was killed in an accident from hitting a heavy hatch on the head and he buried her on one of the Islands.

The Swedish journalist Kim Vallee went missing on August 10. She wanted to report on the development work of Madsen and went with him to sea on a submarine “Nautilus”. On the morning of 11 August the boat had issued a distress signal. When rescuers found the ship, on Board were only Madsen.