The defense Ministry has listed five reasons for the unreliability of the report of the OPCW on Khan Sheyhun

The building of the defense Ministry

© Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

MOSCOW, November 2. /TASS/. Representatives of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation showed on Thursday’s presentation with a detailed analysis of the inconsistencies the version of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on the use of chemical weapons on 4 April in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun. The organization argues that the responsibility for the incident lies with the Syrian authorities.

The defense Ministry said five of the technical reasons which indicate the insolvency of this version. The material was shown to journalists at a briefing in the press center of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. TASS published the full version of the presentation provided to the Agency in the event.

Reason 1: the su-22 had to fly from no further than 2 km

As explained by the representative of the Ministry of defense, fighter-bomber, Syrian air force su-22 can carry bombs only in terms of visual observation of the target, i.e., with altitudes up to 4000 m. to aim, to maneuver the aircraft first, and then goes to the goal in a straight line and then drop the bomb.