The American General was sentenced to imprisonment in Guantanamo

John Baker

The Tribunal bases the United States Navy in Guantanamo Bay sentenced the General John Baker, to three weeks imprisonment and fined a thousand dollars for contempt of court. It is reported by The Express.

To serve time under arrest at the place of service, American will not be in the special prison in the barracks.

Baker was responsible for legal protection of prisoners located in the special prison in Cuba. Between the prisoner Abdel Rahim an-Nashiri, one of the leaders of the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), and three of his attorneys had a conflict: in particular, the defenders did not want to work with a convicted for ethical reasons, but also because of alleged breach of rules of confidentiality when speaking with a client.

Baker helped them to issue a refusal to represent the interests of an-Nashiri. However, Colonel United States air force judge Vance Spat made against this decision and ordered the lawyers to arrive to the base or to organize the teleconference. The General refused to call the defenders, for which he was punished.

Abdel Rahim an-Nashiri is considered the mastermind of the attack in October 2000 on the destroyer Cole, the U.S. Navy off the coast of Yemen. Then the attack killed 17 American sailors.