Moskalkova told about his system of healing and cleaning the energy body

Moskalkova told about his system of healing and cleaning the energy body

Moscow. 1 Nov. INTERFAX.RU Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova said on the sidelines of the forum “50 plus: all pluses of Mature age” on the system of healing that allows her to stay in good shape.

The Commissioner said that once a year deals with the cleansing of the body. “For four days I disconnect from power and try to clean the liver those folk remedies with the help of specialists who help me,” — said Moskalkova.

The Ombudsman also said that engaged in “cleansing the energy body through simple exercises that allow you to clear energetic debris”.

“I try to do good deeds, because this energy definitely gives a new impulse for a useful and correct things,” she added.

Opinion expertat system improvement is very impressive, but unfortunately, none of the mentioned methods has proven effectiveness. And if the douches and walking on the snow still possible to argue (hardening – it is still an individual matter), the cleaning of the liver – it is a quack technique, where you earn money by unscrupulous “healers”, and in conjunction with medical starvation (the effectiveness of which is also not proven), it can be actually dangerous. Finally, clean energy from garbage is something from a parallel reality, although doing good works is useful just because it’s nice and maintains the level of hormones of happiness. And, you can drink a lot of water and the pressure to take hormone replacement therapy and calcium supplements.Alexander Yakovlevskaya editor Health project Mail.Ru