The government of Pakistan will release the Afghan from the cover of National Geographic

The government of Pakistan will release the Afghan from the cover of National Geographic The Ministry of internal Affairs of Pakistan has ordered the release on bail is known to the whole world by a picture in National Geographic of the Afghan woman Sharbat Gulu, arrested last week. Authorities accuse her that she lives in the country on forged documents. She denies guilt. As said on Sunday Pakistani interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, Drone will be exempt from considerations of humanity. However, her case is closed because it is suspected that it involved several officials. The face of Sharbat Gula became known around the world in 1985, when she was 12 years of age appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Then she lived in a camp for Afghan refugees in Peshawar. Thanks to a picture taken by American photographer Steve McCurry, the Buzz was for the world the personification

In Slovakia, a businessman from Syria is suspected of funding ISIS

In Slovakia, a businessman from Syria is suspected of funding ISIS PRAGUE, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexander Kuranov. Slovak businessman of Syrian origin suspected of financing militants from the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), according to the Bratislava portal Aktuality with reference to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic. “The Department of criminology of the Financial management recorded the possibility of funding IG Slovak resident of Syrian origin, who used unnecessarily high deductions VAT (in my business)”, — said the state Secretary of the Ministry of Finance was Given Meager. According to Meager, part of these funds went directly to the militants, and the rest were transported to the Islamists in a few countries in order to hide the traces of the sender. The details of the case, the representative of the Ministry of Finance refused to lead because the investigation is closed.

The constant next to the guy the Indonesian publicly flogged with rods

In the Indonesian province of Aceh 20-year-old girl publicly whipped with rods because she was standing too close to her boyfriend. On Monday, October 31, reports the Daily Mail. As notes the edition, the girl accompanied by two women led to the courtyard in front of the mosque, put on his knees and gave her a public spanking. She received 23 blows with rods. In March of this year in this province carved 18 people for gambling and drinking alcoholic beverages. Aceh is the only province in Indonesia where Sharia laws. They were introduced in the period from 2005 to 2013 and formally apply not only to the local Muslims, but also to the residents of Aceh and other faiths as well as tourists. In the province banned the drinking of alcohol, sexual contact between a man and a woman, unmarried, a ban on public appearance with his head uncovered

In the Institute of psychiatry estimated the idea to forbid Schoolgirls to climb rope

In the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, criticized the proposal to keep girls in school physical education classes to climb rope, RIA Novosti reported. “It’s sheer stupidity that borders on ignorance because you can’t pull the ears things that do not belong to it. Physical education lessons also contribute to the development of the personality”, — said the head of sexual pathology of the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, Nikolay Kibrik. According to him, psychosexual development depends not on the climbing ropes, and the type of Constitution, education, place of birth, of heredity, predisposition, transferred in early childhood, diseases, and other factors. Earlier in October, sexologists proposed to the Ministry of education and science to change the curriculum in physical education. According to the President of the Professional Association of doctors-sexologists Eugene Kulgavchuk, girls bad to climb rope. “This exercise contributes to the distortion of psychosexual development and sexual problems