In the Institute of psychiatry estimated the idea to forbid Schoolgirls to climb rope

In the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, criticized the proposal to keep girls in school physical education classes to climb rope, RIA Novosti reported.

“It’s sheer stupidity that borders on ignorance because you can’t pull the ears things that do not belong to it. Physical education lessons also contribute to the development of the personality”, — said the head of sexual pathology of the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, Nikolay Kibrik.

According to him, psychosexual development depends not on the climbing ropes, and the type of Constitution, education, place of birth, of heredity, predisposition, transferred in early childhood, diseases, and other factors.

Earlier in October, sexologists proposed to the Ministry of education and science to change the curriculum in physical education. According to the President of the Professional Association of doctors-sexologists Eugene Kulgavchuk, girls bad to climb rope. “This exercise contributes to the distortion of psychosexual development and sexual problems in women at an older age,” he justified.