Rural history: how the Russian village migrants

Rural history: how the Russian village migrants

What happens if you change the computer on the stove and put in the Onions.

Domestic sociologists call the migration of urban residents to the village in recent years, the new Russian trend. The scale de-urbanization in full is difficult to assess, such statistics are not yet available, moreover, in modern conditions of high mobility often call a person by far the villager or citizen difficult. But one thing is clear: moving from the cities to the villages continues. Most often from others is perplexing: the case for the village may go better or worse, but almost always difficult. “Izvestia” talked to those for whom choice — city or village — has become obvious.

Fresh blood

The advantages of living in a rural area citizens traditionally allocate about the same. First, the time savings: no traffic jams, everything is within walking distance, all in one place — the doctor, post office, Bank, administration. Secondly, saving money on housing and utility bills: house in the village is much cheaper than in the city, not to mention rent, electricity prices below the purchase of wood results in significantly smaller amount than the heating in the city receipts for the year. Third, the environment: fresh air, clean land, food, lack of nearby large factories and highways. Fourth, the opportunity to make the farm their vegetables and fruit on the table is not only useful to shop but also give a sense of confidence in the future. Fifth, security: in the village all know each other in a difficult situation will help the neighbors where to report suspicious strangers, stealing, a man who became ill on the street.

But, according to the Director of the research center of agricultural research Ranhigs, Alexander Nikulin, representatives of the second wave of citizens leaving the village, unlike the migrants of the 1990s, do not do it just in order to survive, and looking for a new niche economic activities.

Flow relocating residents, according to experts, up to 10% of the number of villagers and can not block the outflow of indigenous people from the villages. However, even these small infusions of economically and socially active population can give a new impetus to the development of the village.

So who are these voluntary recluses who live in a boring and quiet hinterland where you can be yourself and not in a hurry?

Oven instead of the computer

Goralska in the woods, near Tambov, live Ilya Rezkov, almost a hermit. Moscow, he changed the Tambov province, and the computer on the stove, than has surprised not only the local residents but also their relatives. And all in order to live away from the metropolis, in a quiet and picturesque location with the river and the forest, enjoy life and continue to bake bread, as in the days of Ivan the terrible.

In the village of Onions, with a population of 40 people successful programmer has spent more than a year. He was born in Saratov, then moved to Moscow, worked in the field of innovative technologies. But after some time he realized that he wanted to live differently. Here he bought a house with a real Russian stove.

“To move from the metropolis to the countryside — there is nothing to worry. Here you can create farms to live and work on earth,” he says.

Free time, according to Baker, he’s a bit — continues to build your house, the area around, completes the bath.

“Professionals who are engaged in baking of bread according to old recipes, in the Tambov region there are practically no”, — says Ilya. And although the problems with sales at the former urban dweller, inspired by the example of German Sterligov, did not arise, but the production technology has managed to learn immediately.

As in Ivan the terrible

When Elijah moved to the village, the practice of baking bread in the Russian oven. “Then I did wrong everything: to the required temperature the stove is not warmed, kneaded the dough incorrectly. Then experienced Baker spoke about the intricacies of this skill,” recalls Elijah, who now knows exactly how to start a natural bread.

And it starts with organic, not treated with chemicals of the grain, which is not easy to find. Now he buys it in the Rostov region from trusted farmers.

Sugar Ilya not uses replace natural honey, water goes to Goralska Holy source. A few simple secrets — the recipe for which was making bread for centuries, under Ivan the terrible.

The process of production of one batch takes about 12 hours. Over time, he bakes Rezkov 16 kg of bread — just enough to fit in the oven. Its products have enjoyed not only tambovchanka, but also inhabitants of other regions. Prepares Ilya and wheat brew. For him, he uses just three ingredients: spring water, natural honey and grain.

“To leave the village not going. I like the nature here, and people in the mental Onion. There are all conditions for farming,” says Ilya, whose plans to develop the production of natural chocolate.

The village — to the students