Lithuanian counter-intelligence exposed the agents of Moscow. They watched the judges and prosecutors

Lithuanian counter-intelligence exposed the agents of Moscow. They watched the judges and prosecutors

Russian network.

In Lithuania, the investigation of the sensational case about espionage in favour of Russia. At the end of last year the local counter-intelligence has reported on the identification of a network of Russian agents led by former Vice-mayor of Vilnius, the opposition politician, Algirdas Paleckis. Despite the fact that in this case already detained several people, the investigating authorities give very little information about the investigation. “” versed in this complicated story.

Downed pilot

The public learned about the “conspiracy of Him” after almost two months after his arrest. December 18, living in Vilnius, a Russian citizen, historian and publicist Valery Ivanov reported on his page in Facebook that the door of his apartment stormed by unknown people. The strangers were members of the Lithuanian state security Department (SSD): they presented a resolution which stated that Ivanov is suspected of espionage activity, spent in the apartment was searched and detained him for 48 hours.

Freed under recognizance not to leave, Ivanov said that the staff of children’s hospital asked him questions about opposition policy the Algirdas Paleckis. “Said I know him, but I saw last year,” — said Ivanov.

With his words, he wanted to impose “the role of liaison between the Kremlin and Paleckis”.

After the arrest, Ivanov, Prosecutor General of the Republic Evaldas, Basilis called an emergency press conference and spoke about the arrest of the Him, adding that the politician was arrested in October and charged with espionage. At the same time the Lithuanian security officials said that there was a whole network of agents, which poses a threat to national security. “If this network has not been opened, I think Lithuania would threaten serious danger”, — concluded Paxilis.

He added that Paleckis presented a serious danger to the state, and why it needed to be isolated.

Who is this him? His name at one time was well known in Lithuania. Moreover, many cite it as a textbook example of how you can suddenly ruin his political career.

Born in the family of an influential diplomat, he and have chosen the same path. In 1990-2000-ies he worked in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania, and one time he headed there the Department of Western Europe. Later he was a Deputy of Sejm of the Lithuanian social-Democrats, a member of the city Council of Vilnius, and later Vice-mayor of the capital.

Being a man of leftist, Paleckis in 2009 was elected leader of the new party “Socialist people’s front of Lithuania”. And two years later he was invited to a TV show where they talked about the events of 13 January 1991, when the clashes at the TV center in Vilnius, killing fourteen civilians and hundreds more injured. The official version says that in this tragedy and to blame the Soviet troops entered Vilnius.

But Paleckis, speaking about the events, said: “what was the 13th of January at the BT tower? Now it turns out that his shot at his”.

The same words he later repeated in an interview with Russian Fifth channel.

Paleckis suggested that civilians allegedly shot by armed supporters of the output of Lithuania from the Soviet Union who wanted to stir up passions and to direct popular anger at the government of the Soviet Union. After that, the Prosecutor’s office opened a case against him “for denying the Soviet aggression”. The case resonated not only in Lithuania but also abroad.

However, the court of first instance acquitted Him, but then it resumed, and politics sentenced to a fine of ten thousand litas (3 thousand euros).

This story has turned Him into a political pariah. Many distanced themselves from him, including members of his own family. In the end, he finished with real politics and started to position himself as a “leftist politician”. So he lived the last seven years, until one day at his door didn’t call the staff of children’s hospital.

Questions and answers

Winter Vilnius living its unhurried rhythm, and about the spy thing people say very often. The more that Paleckis long been considered an influential politician in the last few years about it almost nothing was heard.