The state of emergency trump found violations

The state of emergency trump found violations

The Democrats have launched an investigation because the declared U.S. President Donald trump of the state of emergency. This is stated on the website of the legal Committee of the house of representatives.

The authors drew the attention of the President that his decision represents a reckless disregard for the principle of separation of powers and its own responsibilities. The U.S. Constitution vests Congress is the “power of the purse” and therefore the money cannot be spent on are not statutory appointments, reminded Democrats.

They noticed that the President may declare a state of emergency only in case of military conscription for national defence.

However, the military is forbidden to enforce the immigration laws of the country they claim.

“No sane man thinks that South of the border have an emergency. Illegal immigration is at a record low level, and families with children who are legitimately seeking asylum, are not foreign invaders”, — said in a statement.

It is noted that lawmakers plan to call to testify to the legal counsel of the White house Pat Cipollone and representatives of the Ministry of justice.

15 February trump announced the signing of a document calling for the introduction of a state of emergency, to be able to use the budget for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. For the construction of a steel boom he plans to spend about eight billion dollars.

In late January, trump signed passed by the Congress of the provisional budget of several departments until February 15. Earlier, disagreements between the President and legislators over the wall on the Mexican border and its financing led to a record long shutdown — the partial suspension of the us government.

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