The researchers found in a British cave “gate to hell”

The researchers found in a British cave “gate to hell”

The stone walls are carved with spells against evil spirits.

A group of researchers from the Subterranea Britannica organisation headed by Haley Clark and ed waters found strange marks inside one of the caves in Creswell Crags, on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in the UK.

‘Gateway to hell’ discovered in cave with hundreds of ‘anti-witch marks’ lining walls

— NewsBop! (@NewsBop) February 15, 2019.

On the walls and ceiling, they noticed carved symbols, which later turned out to be a spell against evil spirits and witches.

The cave inscriptions, according to the researchers, did not allow the demons to get out of the underworld and cause harm to humans.

Typically, such symbols the ancient people drew near doorways, Windows, fireplaces and the building of churches. Such inscriptions were often found in caves, where, according to old beliefs, and came evil spirits. However, a new discovery — the largest and most interesting collection of spells — there are more than a hundred.

Hundreds of ‘witches’ marks’ – including entrance to ‘hell’ found in caves at Creswell Crags | UK News

— Nura u katsayal (@Dailynewsapr) February 15, 2019.

According to experts, signs and symbols against witches and demons people painted to enhance protection from evil spirits in response to an unexpected illness, a death or a bad harvest.

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