The British showed how to drink vodka in Russian

The British showed how to drink vodka in Russian

In recent years the relations between the West and Russia are strained almost the same as during the cold war, and the growing lack of understanding and rejection of cultural sensitivity, according to the BBC.

They chose “the most recognizable” in the world of Russian ritual and went to the immigrants from Russia, to more to study it. It is, of course, about the Russian vodka and traditional snacks to go with it.

To dedicate the British in the features of Russian feast has agreed Natasha ward, half English, half Russian. She worked as a translator for the UN, Mikhail Gorbachev, Angelina Jolie and others.

One thing you learn: do not try to keep up with the Russians when drinking vodka

— Steve Smith (@spsmith1) 14 Feb 2019

“The study of why sniffing Russian bread, drank a glass of vodka, opens the door to the realities of Russian life during the times when we do not have enough positive images of other cultures,” say observers.

“We start with herring. Salty, not pickled,” — said Natasha, and adds that the herring under a fur coat in the UK is not an option, because the locals don’t like beets.

“So, which vodka do we start?” — asks the woman. Journalists say impressive choice, but then specify that it should be in Russian, because the recipe for vodka was refined Russian — Dmitri Mendeleev. Guests were offered a pepper vodka, Russian vodka, homemade lemon vodka and even elite vodka, produced in Newfoundland.