Why do we need billionaires? Meets Bill Gates

Why do we need billionaires? Meets Bill Gates

Leftist policies around the world dream to get a significant part of the state and to get rid of too rich businessmen. But then, who would engage in philanthropy and charity?

The richest man in the world in the past and future (this will happen after the divorce is final Jeff Bezos with his wife), bill gates will be happy to show their impartial and iron logic that has made him one of the best business minds of the last century, even if the subject he became unpopular and his colleagues from the club of the people of the state with nine zeros.

Interestingly, for the first time in my memory, people began to wonder, “Should there be billionaires?”, “Should there be a luxury tax?” This is a great topic for discussion.Bill Gates

These words gates was not so long ago, just a block from the Trump Tower — the place that is home to the first ever American President is a billionaire. “I think the inheritance tax should exist and might be higher than it is now. I don’t think that we would be with Warren [Buffett] was supported by the majority of the Forbes list — here’s how we would operate to the detriment of themselves,” said gates. “That’s why I believe so many debates about how capital and assets should be taxed”.

Newsbill gates for the first time in 24 years, lost the top spot of Forbes USA

But in terms of hard approach, which is sang in the song “the Tax inspector” by The Beatles, and increasingly defend the ultra-left America, the gates remained firm: “I Have an idea that the world should not remain billionaires — I’m afraid that if you really implement, you will get much less than you lose”.

Let’s look at how gates spends on charity tens of millions, transmitted to them and his wife Melinda in the same and the world’s largest Fund. Let’s take this to them and Buffett, the giving pledge. Consider it is a fair opinion of gates that transition of the tax system from progressive to less confiscatory promotes the welfare and development of innovation in General. He and Melinda are systematically exploring these questions.

What you save one life, sounds more impressive than the fact that you save one million. Strange thing.Bill Gates

This Outlook is reflected in the annual letter of the gates, published yesterday morning. At first glance, this appeal, which sets out philanthropic and monitoring priorities based on the nine revelations, who visited the gates. In fact, the Valentine for all philanthropists, the call is not to heal the problems and solve them.

Newsmedia calculated how many stars and billionaires earn per hour

Gates write about Becoming A Man (BAM) — a group program that helps school-aged adolescents from dysfunctional families to cope with aggression (bill gates remembers “a moving experience” of going to therapy, during which he allowed himself to talk about the problem of polio). About “toilet fair” in Beijing, which was to inspire the creation of the toilets of the future for solving the problems with poor sanitation. About how they devote the time and efforts of Africa, whose young population threatens to change the global labour market.

All of these initiatives are talking about one. Says gates, are they on the “search for fresh ideas” or “out of the ordinary theories” about the evidence that these concepts are working: “as soon As you find the solution and want to expand it — then, as a rule, come public money”.

Newsbill gates refused the post of adviser to trump science

The fact that Washington is helpless not able to implement even the most obvious far-sighted policy is a major stumbling block. Take foreign aid. Since the Marshall plan less than 1% of the us costs regularly provided positive ROI — from the point of view of maintenance of stability in vital markets and the fight against the deadly disease. And let the Congress rejected the proposal of trump to reduce the amount of foreign aid, gates is still concerned about: “It in no event cannot be ignored — especially given the debate about domestic policy and what is someone who says, “Hey, aid to foreign countries — this deal sucks, do we it has some use?””.

This political myopia is a global problem. “We fear that unless the UK’s exit from the EU hinders the UK may not perceive foreign aid as a priority, says gates. — If France start problems if she generous?” In education, gates faced similar obstacles: “You are all the time faced with the policy when you want to achieve something. It complicates things”. A simple example: the fight of the gates for the General education standards criticized by historian Diane ravitch, who wrote the businessman in “the boys club of billionaires.”

That the rich people are trying to solve a global problem often has a negative response, admits gates.

It is expressed in the attacks in the spirit: “And why do you need to participate in shaping the agenda?”.

Really, why billionaires should solve what problems we have to fight?

Newsbill gates guess the price of food. He had not been to the supermarket

“Philanthropy exists because the government is not very innovative and not willing to take the risk, at the time, as people with experience in the private sector is able to gather a good team and to test new approaches,” explains gates. — Doing philanthropy.

Couple of gates takes risks in areas in which modern political leaders with a high probability all will be buried. Bill gates is concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the same field working for his colleague-in-arms Buffett. It does more for all of the pandemics and, to a slightly lesser extent, climate change, c which fights his Fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures with a volume of $1 billion.