In Chile rescued 59 drugged parrots (video)

In Chile rescued 59 drugged parrots (video)

Chicks stolen from nests.

Customs officials in Chile seized from a smuggler 59 Chicks of rare macaws.

Birds were transported in the trunk of a taxi. First found 29 Chicks, and then during the inspection, was discovered another 30. Were they taken from nests in the city of Osorno.

In Chile, the customs officers found a large consignment of rare parrotsDuring the download an error has occurred.

Birds were transported in terrible conditions, Ara was dirty and seemed barely alive. Later it turned out that parrots are drugged and later planned to sell to clients.

The attacker faces a term of 5 years for the catch of endangered species and another 3 years for cruelty to animals.

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