Revealed the real name of the third “poisoner” Skripal

Revealed the real name of the third “poisoner” Skripal

International investigative group is Bellingcat, claims to have discovered the real name of a third person suspected of involvement in the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in British Salisbury in 2018. According to her, Sergey Fedotov — GRU officer Denis Sergeev.


The Bellingcat investigation staff conducted in conjunction with the publication of The Insider, Respekt, Czech, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. They argue that Sergey Vyacheslavovich Fedotov is actually a graduate of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign Ministry and high-ranking GRU officer (currently the General Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces of Russia) Denis Sergeev.

According to their information, Sergeev, like his personality-cover, was born on 17 September 1973 in Usharal is a small military town in Kazakhstan. He served in the army in the city of Novorossiysk in Krasnodar Krai, and in the period between 2000 and 2002, he was transferred to Moscow and enrolled in the diplomatic Academy. Indicates that the man is married, he has a grown daughter.

As reported in 2002-2012 Sergeev under his real personality was a shareholder or managing Director of eight Russian companies — the fictitious corporations that were then eliminated. At the same time, he allegedly received a Bank loan for a million dollars.

Investigators claim that the new identity he received in 2010, a passport was issued by the same Department that did the paperwork for two other suspects in the poisoning Skrobala. In this birthplace was the village of Apushka Ryazan region. Indicates that, under a pseudonym many times he went abroad, visiting Europe and Central Asia. In this Bellingcat says that in recent months were actively campaign for the destruction of records about the existence of this person.

Earlier in February, Bellingcat, and The Insider has published an article which stated that the 45-year-old Sergei Fedotov travelled to Bulgaria in the days in 2015, when the attempt on a local businessman of Hebrew. The Kremlin said that can’t appreciate the authenticity of this information.

That Fedotov is the third agent of the Russian security services, and allegedly temporarily remained in the UK after the assassination Skripal, British media reported on 6 February. The Russian Embassy in London called this information an injection of intelligence, which is designed to distract people from the topic of a British exit from the EU (Brexit).

Skrypali was found unconscious on March 4, 2018. London was accused of involvement in the incident Russia, and later revealed the names of the “poisoners” — Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. According to the Bellingcat investigation and The Insider, Bashirov really is the personnel officer of the Russian military intelligence, Colonel Anatoly Caigoy, and Petrov — a military doctor, an employee of the GRU Alexander Mishkin.