On the border of Colombia and Venezuela has declared a state of disaster

On the border of Colombia and Venezuela has declared a state of disaster

MEXICO city, 14 Feb — RIA Novosti. The disaster introduced on Wednesday in the area of the Colombian city of Cucuta on the border with Venezuela, due to the anticipated problems with the planned February 23 beginning the delivery of humanitarian aid to the neighboring country.


As the coordinator of the Council of the Department of Norte de Santander on disaster risk management adriana arias, originally a proposal to introduce the provisions of the disaster was made the Governor of the Department of February 11, and this decision is made. Portal de Noticias Cucuta said that now the local authorities have more tools to respond in an emergency situation that may arise with the beginning of the delivery of aid, which is accumulated in Cucuta.

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The collection centers care opened in Cucuta and the Brazilian Roraima. As reported, the speaker of Parliament of Venezuela Juan Guido, from February 23 to help will start to arrive in Venezuela. The US has already announced the arrival in Cucuta the first batch of relief items delivered to the Venezuelan people. The authorities in the face of President Nicolas Maduro stated that they consider it “fake show” and will not allow the delivery of assistance in Venezuela, calling it a pretext for foreign military intervention.

The leader of the opposition Parliament of Venezuela, Guido January 23, declared himself head of state on the validity period of the provisional government. The United States and several other countries announced the recognition of Guido and demanded that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whose election they do not consider legitimate, to prevent military action against the opposition. Maduro declared himself constitutional President, and the head of the opposition Parliament called “a puppet of the US”. Russia, China and several other countries endorsed Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela.