Lawyer Arashukova explained the need for an interpreter

Lawyer Arashukova explained the need for an interpreter

The lawyer of the arrested Senator Rauf Arashukov Anna Stavitskaya said that he understands the Russian language, and in the presence of an interpreter during interrogation insisted the investigator.

“In fact, Arashukov was not asked to provide an interpreter, by contrast, told the investigator that an interpreter is not needed. (…) The translator has imposed himself investigator!”, — wrote Stavitskaya in Facebook.

According to the lawyer, Arashukov indeed stated that he does not understand the charge and he pleads not guilty.

Arashukova detained on 30 January during a meeting of the Council of the Federation out of fear that he may be hiding. Journalists were barred, saying that the senators decided to discuss the issue behind closed doors. According to sources, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika has read out the position of withdrawal from the Senator’s immunity, after which he left the room.

The Investigative Committee of Russia reported that during questioning, the Senator said that they did not possess sufficient Russian language, and asked the interpreter who was provided to him.

The policy is suspected of involvement in the killing of the Deputy Chairman of the public youth movement “Adyge-Khase” KCR Aslan Zhukov and presidential adviser KCR of Frala Shebzukhova. Only he was charged under three articles of the criminal code. On 7 February the Moscow city court refused the protection of Rauf Arashukov to release a suspect from jail.

In addition, was detained dad Senator Raul Arashukov, who is suspected of involvement in the theft of gas “Gazprom” more than 30 billion rubles. On 31 January he was arrested for two months.

In this case also were arrested six of the defendants, including a cousin of Senator Ruslan Arashukov. Three more alleged members of OPS are wanted.

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Senator from the Caucasus were detained at the meeting. He is accused of murder and incitement to overthrow the government.

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