Guitarist on fire on stage, when I started to play Kiss. His reaction is priceless (video)

Guitarist on fire on stage, when I started to play Kiss. His reaction is priceless (video)

She gives him a real rocker!

Cover band Hairball, a well-known interpretations of groups such as Queen, Aerosmith, Kiss, Van Halen, Motley Crue and Journey, got into a little trouble during your last concert in the U.S. city of Sioux city.

The singer and guitarist Bobby Jensen during a song called “Detroit Rock City” of Kiss flared hair. It happened because it got him on the head sparks from the fireworks.

While the audience is frozen in terror, watching the flashlight on the head of a musician, the latter showed remarkable restraint and professionalism.

Look how it was!

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Jensen continued to sing, not stopping even for a second. Fortunately, he came to the aid of several people standing near the stage. They ran to put out the sudden fire.

Video recorded by one of the visitors of the concert, hit on an entertainment portal Reddit, where he collected more than 80 thousand Apatow (arrows up) and came in the top of the website. Users suggested that with singer it has happened before, or it was a wig (how else to explain such a cold-blooded reaction?).

However, in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Jensen admitted that the first time and lit up his real hair:

I practically live life Iweala Knivela (the famous American artist stunts on a motorcycle), so well, caught fire a little, so what, the fun began. I immediately felt that hair is on fire. But now I have a haircut like Alice Cooper. Yes, with me this first time, but I never doubted that my guys will do the right thing, and so I just continued to sing.

Reddit users were left in complete awe of the professionalism of Jensen.