A hospital security guard Petrozavodsk drove an ambulance brought the man

A hospital security guard Petrozavodsk drove an ambulance brought the man

MOSCOW, February 13 — RIA Novosti. In Petrozavodsk the hospital security guard pushed into the street brought in an ambulance to the patient. Video lying on the ground a man published an eyewitness Denis Shcherbakov.

He explained the channel’s “360” that he came to the hospital to visit my grandfather and saw on the threshold of a lying man. The guard, which turned Dennis, said that he “does not need them” and “if I die, it’s nothing”, and sent to the morgue.

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Who witnessed the conversation, the patient confirmed that the patient was brought in by EMS, the registry started to issue it, however, he was approached by a security guard, was picked up and thrown out on the street.

Denis threatened to call the police, and then the guard left his post.

Two minutes later came the nurse, began to say that doctors knew nothing about this sick and blame the guards. The patient was put in a wheelchair and taken away. Police came, wrote everything down, asked me not to delete the video.Denis Scherbakov

The chief doctor of the hospital Alexey Heifetz told reporters that he was not aware of the situation and he will have to raise videos, and to contact the chop.

“I am not ready to say anything. I’m puzzled security, we look for all, who he is, what he is, where he’s… We understand,” added the doctor.

Representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Karelia has told RIA Novosti that the started investigation of the incident.