The winner of the lottery in Jamaica came for the jackpot in the mask from the movie Scream

The winner of the lottery in Jamaica came for the jackpot in the mask from the movie Scream

And no one is confused.

Over 10 years of Superlative in Jamaica only four people managed to hit the jackpot and get rich on a few million.

But none of them never revealed their identity.

A new winner by the name of A. Campbell became a millionaire thanks to the lottery recently, he won 158 million Jamaican dollars (about 76 million). For a winning check the man was not dressed up and in costume and masked maniac from the famous horror movie “Scream”.

Jamaica super lotto winner takes no chances.

— Baptiste (@Baptiste4502) 11 Feb 2019.

Hey @FoxNews people moan at your reporting, not because it is partisan, no, because you do stupid things. In this article: you use a photo of the US Powerball Lottery when writing about the Super Lotto in Jamaica. Hire Some Editors.

— KYdecafCoffeeGuy (@kycoffeeguy) February 12, 2019.

However, none of the organizers and the journalists were not surprised at this masquerade. The receipt does not obligate the winners to officially show his face to the General public. And do newly minted millionaires are hidden from safety reasons — to avoid becoming a victim of criminals.

Earlier the winners of Superlative had already covered his face with his hair, mustaches, glasses and even a mask of a smiley.

A photo of a lottery winner in an emoji mask has gone viral attracting over 5,000 likes on Twitter.
The woman, identified only as N Gray showed up in a wink emoji mask to collect 180 million Jamaican dollars (Over Sh141 million) that she won on as part of the Super Lotto jackpot.

— Muthui Mkenya ?? (@MuthuiMkenya) 10 Jun 2018

Lotto and Super Lotto Winners of Jamaica

— djafifa (@djafifa) 26 Mar 2018

#newz Jamaica Observer 76-year-old Christian wins $117-m Super Lotto Jackpot Jamaica Observer… via #hng #world #news

— Hurshal (@Hurshal) 29 June 2017.

JamaicaObserver: Jamaica’s Super Lotto winner declares intention after collecting a $250m cheque …

— david hill (@localgardening) 17 Aug 2016

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