El Chapo is recognized by the United States court of guilty on all 10 charges. He faces life

El Chapo is recognized by the United States court of guilty on all 10 charges. He faces life

Mexican drug Lord Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, who is known as the most famous criminal of modern times, was found guilty on all 10 charges in his address.

Brooklyn Federal court for four months considered charges against Guzman, who in the past headed the Mexican drug cartel “Sinaloa”.

According to the prosecution, guzmán is responsible for smuggling 155 tons of cocaine in the United States for 25 years, as well as other drugs — in particular methamphetamine and marijuana.

61-year-old Guzman remained the most wanted criminal in the USA for over 20 years and first since al Capone in 2013 was named by the Chicago Commission of crime “public enemy number one”.

Guzman was arrested in January 2016 and on the eve of the inauguration of Donald trump, was extradited to the United States. The process, which was watched by all country, lasted 11 weeks. Guzman’s lawyers claimed he was nothing more than a “scapegoat”, and for drug trafficking are other people who will go unpunished.Who is he?

Guzman was born in 1957 into a family of farmers. His first associated with the drug experience occurred while working in the fields of marijuana and opium poppy.

The kind of practice he passed the leader of the cartel “Guadalajara” Miguel angel Felix Gallardo, known as the Godfather. Guzman was responsible for contacts with Colombian drug dealers.

His career quickly took off, and in the late 1980-ies he founded his own cartel Sinaloa, which accounted for a quarter of all drug trafficking in the United States through Mexico.

El Chapo regularly escaped from a Mexican prison. In 2001, he escaped from a protected prison, bribing officials and hiding in the Laundry basket.

“Shorty” was on the loose until 2014, when he was arrested at a hotel in the resort of Mazatlan. Even then, Guzman was a character of local legend. Said he is hiding in Guatemala, Bolivia, Argentina and the USA.

At the end of January 2014 it was announced that U.S. Spanish-language channel Univisuon bought the rights for filming the series “drug Lord” about the life of Guzman.

In prison, guzmán once again did not stay long. In 2015, he escaped from prison “El Altiplano” in the tunnel more than a kilometer long, which was dug out of the shower compartment. In the case of the organization of the escape were arrested six people.

This time Guzman has been in the wild for six months. In January 2016, he was detained in the coastal city of Los Mochis in his native state of Sinaloa in Northwest Mexico and brought back to the “Altiplano”.

In January 2017 guzmán extradited to the United States. He appeared before a new York court and did not plead guilty on any of the charges.

In the queue for El Chapo

At the trial, which lasted three months, were 56 witnesses. 14 of them were criminals, but then began to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for mitigation of their fate.