Dmitry Medvedev has publicly painted the government’s plans

Dmitry Medvedev has publicly painted the government’s plans

What explains the appearance in the media articles officials.

The second week a Federal official has published a programmatic article in the media. Column Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was published on the website “RIA Novosti”. Earlier “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” published an article presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, in which he talked about the future of Russia and the ideology of “Putinism”.

In turn Medvedev in his article writes about how to choose power for the country’s development. The Prime Minister talks about the importance of implementation of national projects. For this, in his opinion, need to be done. And the government needs to ensure that the economy and the social sphere by 2024, had a “strong gravity”.

“Kommersant FM” gathered the most vivid abstracts from the article head of government:

“We need to give people the opportunity to engage in favorite thing for a good salary. And most importantly — live longer and to enjoy life. But the recipe for success not only in good health, but also in quality education“.

“Russia is trying and will try to stop. We are constantly under pressure from some States, which play the role of the “world’s policeman”, then “speed bumps”that prevent to be dispersed”.

“But the sanctions have also the reverse side: we have learned to live and develop in conditions of total pressure“.

“National projects should strengthen Russia. All of us. To help in achieving the strategic development goals that, in 2024, looking back, we had the right to say: “We did everything we planned””.