FSB conducts searches in Russian agricultural holdings

FSB conducts searches in Russian agricultural holdings

Together with the tax authorities, the secret service is looking for evidence of illegal compensation of the VAT.

The staff of the Federal security service (FSB) jointly with the Federal tax service (FNS) conduct searches and seizure of documents in large Russian agro-holdings in several regions, reported “Interfax” citing a source. This may be related to possible tax evasion, illegal reimbursement (non-payment) the VAT amounts, as well as the failure by economic entities of the agreements reached at the signing of the Charter in the sphere of circulation of agricultural products, said the Agency interlocutor.

The source of “Vedomosti” in the security services confirmed that the FSB and the Federal tax in several regions of the seized documents in several large agricultural holdings in order to detect schemes of tax evasion.

FNS has confirmed to conduct joint operations with the FSB in 13 regions.

Tax service 2017 leads industry project to curb the unreasonable schemes of tax optimization in the sphere of circulation of agricultural products, including schemes of unjustified reimbursement of VAT at export of grain products, said a representative of the FTS.

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In some regional offices, law enforcement officials confirmed to “Vedomosti” representative of “Cherkizovo”. Now the company works closely with regulatory authorities and provides all the necessary documents, he said. All its operations the “Group of Cherkizovo” is on the territory of Russia and, respectively, in full and in a timely manner always pays all taxes and fees. The company not only is a bona fide taxpayer, but also collaborates with FNS, is a Charter member of the circulation of agricultural products, signed in 2017. “This is a routine inspection of our counterparties in the framework of the Charter” — he said.

In addition, the search has officially confirmed “Rusagro”. “Nothing strange we can not see it. Documents provide,” said CEO Maxim Basov.