Two Chinese make a noise like 40 Japanese. Stereotypes about tourists from different countries

Two Chinese make a noise like 40 Japanese. Stereotypes about tourists from different countries

MOSCOW, 12 Feb — RIA Novosti, Irina Ovchinnikova. Tourists from Russia — loud and rude, the Europeans politely, Israeli citizens are greedy, Chinese are always noisy? Stereotypes about tourists from different countries is so ingrained that few people expose their doubts, but in vain.

Noisy and defiant

“It is believed that on holiday Russian behave loudly and they are always seen and heard, but aliens is a different matter, they usually cultural, know the etiquette, says Catherine Sursa, guide from Kaliningrad. — However, as practice shows, it is often the opposite: foreigners, especially Germans and poles, break out of the clear framework, the holidays are extremely loud and defiant”.

Catherine adds that the Germans, arriving in Kaliningrad, often do not abide by the rules of the road that they should not have in his native country.

In the beginning of the year in Germany conducted a survey, which revealed that the greatest resentment among the German citizens called by the tourists from Russia and Britain, who were accused of excessive thirst for alcohol. While the Turkish hoteliers noted that the behavior of Russian tourists is no different from the way they are vacationers from other countries.

“Antisocial behaviour can be observed among representatives of any nationality,” — said the head of the Federation of hoteliers of Turkey Osman Ayik. He also stressed that Russian tourists are not like those that were 20 years ago: they have studied the world know how to behave, and they do it no worse than any other nationality.

According to Georgi Rusanov, a guide from St. Petersburg, many people think that tourists from wealthy European countries is generous. “German is, at best, give 100 rubles and will be sure you owe him everything after that, says the guide. — And here tourists from Latin America, as well as Russian, can easily leave ten thousand.”

The experience of George, the citizens of Israel, contrary to popular stereotype, often selfless.

“During the tour I sneezed, and the woman immediately gave me a pill, and the phone number of your doctor husband said that I definitely will consult,” he recalls.

The most frequent guests

In recent years, in Russia most often, tourists come from China, they considered to be excessively noisy, which is often borne out. “Two Chinese are noisy as forty Japanese” joke guides.

“Yes, the Chinese are accustomed to speak in full voice, says the guide from Moscow Elena Bichkova. But in my memory there was a case when in Veliky Novgorod, a large group went to the Cathedral of St. Sophia, and suddenly all fell silent: understand what is service, and showed respect.”

As noted by the guides working with tourists from China, the Chinese are trying to behave quietly in the presence of men in uniform — no matter, the officer or employee of chop.