Spanish hairdresser cuts hair clients laser sword

Spanish hairdresser cuts hair clients laser sword

The master claims that this technique is safe.

The hairdresser from Madrid, Alberto Olmedo became famous all over the world a few years ago, when I started to use in their work is not regular scissors, and a samurai sword, and fire. Such a dangerous and brutal technique hairdresser explained not shocking, as “technologies that are proven for centuries”.

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However, the Spaniard is not only the ancient methods of cutting but also modern technology.

Now in his price list, a new service — cut by a laser sword. About the way the Jedi fought in a fantastic Saga “Star wars.”

Blue laser “flame” he sastrigal split ends and makes playful styling. Despite the strangeness of this technique, Olmedo says that customers for this kind of haircut he already rife. He also noted that this technique is safe and not damage the hair, like a sharp pair of scissors.

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