Scientists have suggested that the Universe has a counterpart, where time goes backwards

Scientists have suggested that the Universe has a counterpart, where time goes backwards

Do we all have twins living in a parallel Universe?

Canadian physicists have published a new theory that our universe may be a “mirror reflection” of the parallel world of antimatter, which sweeps back from the Big Bang along the time scale.

Related work for scientists of the Institute for theoretical physics in Canada, with all details was published in the journal of the American physical society.

Despite the fact that the theory in the future, requires much rework, it now does not cause apparent contradictions. Moreover, it helps to resolve several paradoxes that cannot be explained in modern science.

How does the new model of the Universe?

According to the published work of canadian scientists, in the moment of the Big Bang from a single point formed from two symmetrical Universes — the universe and Antisana who flew through time in different directions.

One where we live, is committed to the future, and the second with the same speed removed in the past.

Antisera appeared exactly the same as at the same time with the birth of the electron in vacuum, the light appears its antiparticle the positron.


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Scientists suggest that Antisana should be extremely similar to ours, but it is not an exact copy (in full accordance with the quantum uncertainty principle).

The clarification of physics lead to avoid difficult philosophical questions, which they would certainly have collapsed. If the Universes were complete copies of one another, occurring in antimatter would be specularly reflected in our — or Vice versa. In connection with this assumption, many here could be asked about the freedom of will of each of us.

Looks like the current model of the Universe?

Currently accepted that the universe is one, appeared in the Big Bang and since then nearly 14 billion years, expands and cools.