On either side of Elbrus

On either side of Elbrus

A three-day journey through the outskirts of the highest mountain of Europe.

The conquest of Elbrus the power is not everything — only the strong, sturdy and fit. But the surroundings of the highest mountain in Europe you can travel without training. So did the photographer Andrey Belavin.

One weekend, he has traveled from the Eastern Elbrus region (Kabardino-Balkaria) and Western (Karachay-Cherkessia) of the parties.

In the lens — a picturesque lake Kara-Kel, breathtaking Dombay, the top of Mussa-Achitara and Aksaut and picturesque road on the natural boundary dzhily-su and high-altitude Observatory of Moscow state University. At the sight of these photos at the rare tourist will not have the desire to visit these places.


To avoid all this is possible in three days. From the airport of the Caucasian mineral waters (the easiest route) in the direction of the village Dombay are two roads — on the highway through the Cherkessk and over the pass, Gumbase. It is best to go for the second. Let the road condition is not perfect, but it is mastered and passenger car. And the views will be worth the inconvenience in clear weather from the pass is visible shining snow of Elbrus. On the top of the pass there is a cozy cafe with a view deck where you can enjoy flavorful, crispy picinini and mountain tea.

Keep in mind that to travel on Genichirou gorge, located between the village of Teberda and Dombai, you have to pay 200 rubles per person — protected area. Issue permission in advance is not necessary.

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