Medvedev explained why always chooses water with gas

Medvedev explained why always chooses water with gas

MOSCOW, 12 Feb — RIA Novosti. The head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev explained why he prefers drinking water with gas, carbonated water-not that big a fan, but because of the confidence that she at least passed some processing.

During the meeting the Prime Minister with the members of the Federation Council on Tuesday, the speaker of the upper chamber Valentina Matvienko complained about the quality of bottled water and asked Medvedev to appoint the government Department responsible for the quality of bottled drinking water.

The Prime Minister, in response, also in favour of the water was accompanied by certain certificates which would indicate its composition to its quality being tested.

“I can say that I, for example, when offered to drink water with gas or without gas, always choose gas. Not because I’m such a big fan of water. But I understand that the water gas at least took some processing, and the water that without gas, it is likely that this tap water. So there is, in fact, than we all work out,” — said Medvedev.