Director of the Russian school was punished for a lesson on “concepts”

Director of the Russian school was punished for a lesson on “concepts”

The court convicted the Director of the school in the village of Pervomayskaya of the Primorsky territory, where children were removed from lessons to three local residents told them “by the rules” about sex education. On Tuesday, February 12, reported on the website of the Prosecutor General.

“The Director of the educational organization […] subjected by the court administrative fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles,” — said the Prosecutor’s office, noting that it violated the right of children to education, as they were called to talk during lessons.

In addition, the reprimand was received by the head of Department of education of administration of Mikhaylovsky of the area.

It was found that conducting a “lecture” faces don’t have to do with the bodies of crime prevention, do not have special knowledge in this field, and therefore can’t teach children this kind of conversation.

“In accordance with the submitted to the Prosecutor’s office materials are one of the so-called lecturers were not prosecuted, the other two are considered legally criminal record”, — explained in Department.

Newsthe Prosecutor’s office dismantled words

On 23 January it was reported that the former Director of the school Alexander Rabotin (now head of Sanatsenka rural settlement) was invited to the establishment of “local bandits”who “know everything”, so they conducted a lesson with the boys, studying in classes from the fifth to the seventh.

Citing the words of students reported that they talked rudely, including swearing, explaining how to live “on concepts” what to do and not to do, and warned about the unacceptability of homosexual relationships. “At the end of all this, children are forbidden to even tell the teachers what they were and what they were talking. Very strict children are forbidden to tell the parents! Even those children who do parents in a very close relationship, yesterday no one said anything at home,” wrote one user of the portal Pikabu. He later added that the situation decided to hush up.