Trump rejected accusations of lack of zeal to work

Trump rejected accusations of lack of zeal to work

The President of the United States Donald trump responded to the leak of his daily schedule to the media. He said that a lot, and reports that it idles a lie. About this American leader wrote on Sunday, February 10, Twitter.

According to the head of the state, it will probably work even more than almost all his predecessors.

“The fact that when I took over as President, the country was a mess. The weakened army, the endless war the likelihood of war with North Korea, veterans ‘ Affairs, high taxes and excessive regulation, border issues, immigration, healthcare and more. I had no choice but to work hard!” — wrote trump.

3 Feb portal Axios posted a “leaked” source schedule of trump. Journalists have analysed it and deduced that most of the time (about 60 percent) the President spends on the mysterious “paperwork” (executive time). The rest of the time he takes meetings, trips, events and dinners. It is also noted that the “paperwork” in the oval office leaves the head of state about three o’clock in the morning from 8 to 11.

But several sources told the publication that trump never appear in the workplace at this time. Morning, according to the portal, he spends in his residence, watching TV, reading Newspapers, talking on the phone with his assistants, members of Congress, friends, administration staff and informal advisers.