A strange cloud in the UK has baffled experts

A strange cloud in the UK has baffled experts

Defense Ministry officials deny the missile launches in the day.

Vertical cloud like trail of a jet plane, has puzzled specialists in the UK.

Stonehenge mystery area

Can you solve the mystery of the spiral cloud? Strange mist which it resembles a jet”s vapour trail or a rocket launch billows from land close to an MoD testing range near Stonehenge https://t.co/w4EUlTbbXY pic.twitter.com/ySUWWqvfDP

— Chippenham Now (@ChippenhamNow) 10 Feb 2019

The spiral clouds, painted red by the setting sun, made by a local resident David Hargrave on Salisbury plain near Stonehenge when you were walking their dogs.

The man suggested that it might be the trace of the missiles so close the proving ground of the Ministry of defence of the country. But officials said that no tests on this day at the landfill was not performed.

Experts on weather from Bristol University was also unable to explain the phenomenon.

66-year-old Hargrave said never seen anything like it, adding: “I don’t know what it is. I hope someone will give the answer. It’s a real mystery”.

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