“Gas king” of the Caucasus expressed readiness to make excuses

“Gas king” of the Caucasus expressed readiness to make excuses

Advisor to the General Director of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz” Raul Arashukov arrested on the case about organizing a criminal group and theft of gas, ready to answer any questions of the investigation. This was stated by lawyer Vladimir Postnik in Moscow city court the complaint to arrest of gas companies, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, since the arrest, January 30, and Arashukova, which the media called the “gas king”, never met the investigator, although he is willing to answer any questions, “explain everything”, “willing to justify himself”.

Arashukov told the court that “I do not know what sits” guilty he does not consider himself.

Moreover, the gas man said that a few days knew about the upcoming arrest, but not disappeared. In this regard, he asked to change the measure of restraint to house arrest or bail, said RIA Novosti.

However, the Moscow city court upheld the decision of the Basmanny court of the capital, who was arrested Raul Arashukov. He will remain in jail until March 30.

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Raul Arashukov the father of the Senator from KCR Arashukov Rauf, accused of participation in an organized criminal group and two murders.

With him in custody are five top managers of the gas companies, among them the nephew Arashukova senior. Three other defendants in the case are wanted, including his son.

On 7 February the Moscow city court has left under arrest of the Senator Arashukova Jr. At the meeting, he complained that he was placed in the same cell with the prisoner for 18 years by a terrorist.

Member of the Federation Council were detained during the meeting of the upper house of Parliament on January 30. He is accused of murder of the Deputy head of the youth movement “Adyge-Khase” of Aslan Zhukov and presidential adviser KCR of Frala Shebzukhova.

His father is charged with the creation of organized crime groups, kidnapped in 2002, natural gas from Gazprom at 31 billion rubles.

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Senator from the Caucasus were detained at the meeting. He is accused of murder and incitement to overthrow the government.

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