The Kremlin does not agree with the opinion about Europe’s dependence on Russian gas

The Kremlin does not agree with the opinion about Europe’s dependence on Russian gas

More safe and stable gas supply route to Europe than the project “Northern stream-2”, “can’t be”, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He “strongly disagrees” with the fact that the project will lead to Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

“We remain convinced that this project is in the interests of European countries as consumers of gas and RF as the country which supplies gas. We remain convinced that economically it is much more appropriate than any other competitive way of delivery of blue fuel to the European continent,” he said.

He added that Russia will continue work on the “Nord stream-2” and looks forward to its full implementation:

We are certainly aware of the discussions that are taking place in the EU this, very carefully monitor the situation. This is needed for Russia and for the EU international project is constantly under attack from third countries, specifically, USA.

According to him, Washington takes the position, contrary to the “fair competition”, trying to force Europe to buy your own, roughly more expensive by 30%, gas. “We also note that on the “Nord stream 2″ now there is no unity of opinions in the EU, but we hope that the countries-EU members will understand this issue”, — said the press Secretary of the President.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany will not depend on Russian gas, “under any circumstances”. Mrs Merkel also stressed that Ukraine should remain a transit country for Russian natural gas.

Recall that Germany hopes to block the vote of the tightening of EU Gas Directive, which will further complicate the construction of the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. The vote will take place today, 8 February.

Details — in the publication “Kommersant” “”Nord stream-2″ split Europe”.