“I know of people that have been in a party for 100 lashes”

“I know of people that have been in a party for 100 lashes”

Iranian women love and know how to have fun. They are not scared of huge fines and prison.

Iran are quite modest, God-fearing country where they have banned alcohol and cigarettes. It is believed that a homemaker is here just praying and fasting. In fact, everything is completely different.

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Iran is not always rigidly adhered to a Patriarchal tradition. In the 1950-1960-ies, many women felt more free than modern Iranian women. They did a European haircut and sported short skirts. The dress code was tightened after the overthrow of Shah Pahlavi in 1979, as well as increased segregation by gender.

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“I was born in Iran in the 1980s. In those years everywhere in the streets scurried officers of the so-called Vice. It was forbidden to listen to music, to paint lipstick, and nail lacquer, wear something bright. But even in those dark country days, I remember that I danced. My friends and I bought tapes from the illegal music dealers. They literally opened for us a window into the world of Michael Jackson and breakdance. In school, we danced at every opportunity. As soon as he saw that the teacher went somewhere, immediately began to sing and dance, even though you knew it was forbidden,” recalls the 37-year-old Rayhan.

Young women continue to hold private parties now. They do not stop even high fines and threat of imprisonment. One of the most popular locations for underground parties was the place Shemshak, which is an hour drive from Tehran. Local youths had called him Sibica — similar to Ibiza, says, “the Tape.ru” one of the regulars.

“Girls relax at these parties: drinking, Smoking. We take all possible precautions: pay the police, parked cars a few blocks away from crowd and stored a closely guarded secret guest list,” — said the woman, who introduced Bahar.

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According to her, along with friends they are going to someone’s Villa and the first thing hung Windows with blankets and mattresses closed, only then the music. The raids and arrests they are not scared, just next time they have to carefully figure out how to protect yourself.

One of the raids was remembered in her entire life: the room was quite dark, only the light helped us to distinguish each other. In a moment on the dance floor, I saw the silhouette of a bearded man next to him was still a stranger. It was evident that both aggressive. Suddenly turned on the light. My friends began to scream and run.

The party broke fighters of the people’s militia “Basij”, which are included in the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. They had batons, which they tirelessly wielded clobber for our things. My friends and I managed to hide in the bathroom. From there I could hear screaming and crying women, and men begged for mercy.

According to her, this went on for an hour, then silence. The host of the party came back in half an hour, cried from the doorway: “We are the lucky ones! They merely needed the money!” After that the young band was blasting the music and continued to dance until dawn.

Iranian girls love those modern songs as their Western counterparts. “Returning home from vacation, which we usually spent abroad, my friends and I smuggled into the country drives that were techno and house. On the weekends, going to someone’s house, listened to music and danced. But usually the police is cracking down on such parties. They organize raids and taken into custody. I know many people who received such a party for 100 lashes”.

Underground party do not remain without attention of the authorities. Increasingly, the country flares up over this serious scandals.

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So, in July 2016 in Tehran at a party detained 150 boys and girls who have celebrated a birthday. About how to punish the guests and the birthday boy was not reported. It is only known that the case was quickly hushed up.

A 28-year-old woman (name not specified) from the city of Mashhad and is received 80 lashes for what was at the party surrounded by men drinking alcohol. According to the young women, in addition, it greatly humiliated at the police station.