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Give donated

In Novokuznetsk parents have offered to receive free textbooks, which they buy for school.

In Novokuznetsk to parents of pupils are invited to fill in a questionnaire where they are asked to indicate which textbooks they will give the school. The Board of education of the city claim that in this way is a popular charity event. In the Department of education of the region assure that all schools are provided with textbooks. Interviewed by “b” parents are talking about “voluntary-compulsory” nature of the purchase of textbooks. Experts say that such actions are contrary to the law. In the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation has reminded that “any clashes with the school administration unacceptable.”

In social networks appeared information that in one of the schools of Novokuznetsk parents forced to buy school textbooks. In specially distributed questionnaires parents are asked to record any books they could give to the school. “Currently the school is engaged in the acquisition of textbooks for the next academic year — 2019-2020, — explained in the questionnaire.— The allocated budget for each student is not enough. But to provide a large part of textbooks free school will be able only in case, if you give the school those textbooks, which have acquired for yourself. And then by next year you will need to buy two or three textbook of all set”.

At the parent meeting in March will be given full information about what textbooks will be given, what textbooks will be ordered and what textbooks you will need to purchase. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!NewsFascination with social networks does not affect the students

Acting Chairman of the Committee of education and science of the administration of Novokuznetsk Lyudmila Panchenko on request “b” said that all educational institutions of Novokuznetsk is annually held charity event “give the tutorial school”, which in 2018, the library Fund replenished with 15 thousand books.

Also in town there is a library exchange Fund, which in 2018 657 students were issued textbooks.

“In addition to printed versions of educational organizations provide students with electronic versions of the missing textbooks — said MS Panchenko.— Only 2018 on the training costs from the regional budget educational institutions of Novokuznetsk were allocated 29,82 million rubles, including the purchase of books spent 24,02 million rubles, which is 80.5%. Also for the purchase of books General educational organizations of the city was directed to 3.0 million rubles of extrabudgetary funds”. Lyudmila Panchenko added that currently the analysis of needs in the books in the 2019-2020 school year.

All the heads of educational institutions are warned about personal responsibility for violation of legislation in terms of providing students with free textbooks. The Committee of education and science of the city administration of Novokuznetsk notes that the acquisition of school Fund textbooks in educational institutions of Novokuznetsk urban district planned, is systematic and will continue.Ludmila Panchenko. acting Chairman of the Committee of education and science of the administration of Novokuznetsk

The head of the regional education and science Arthur Chepkasov told “Kommersant” that all schools of the Kemerovo region provided with textbooks for the 2018-2019 academic year. “In accordance with the Federal law of 29.12.2012 № 273-FZ “On education in Russian Federation” in the municipal educational institutions from the regional budget through subventions annually allocates the funds allocated to local budgets, including for the purchase of textbooks, teaching AIDS, printed and electronic educational and media resources. In the law of the Kemerovo region from 11.12.2017 No. 102-OZ “About the regional budget for 2018 and the planned period 2019-2020 years” was provided, the amount of educational expenses municipal educational organizations in the amount of 160,7 million rubles., of which the purchase of textbooks was sent of 120.7 mln (or 75.1% of the planned amount). In the law of the Kemerovo region from 14.12.2018 № 107-OZ “About the regional budget for 2019 and the planned period 2020-2021 years” a amount of educational expenses municipal educational organizations in the amount 267,1 million rubles”, — said Mr. Cherkasov.

He also explained that the decision on the direction a specific amount of subsidy (in the framework of educational expenses) for the purchase of textbooks is taken by the head of the General education organization “in accordance with the need to provide educational literature”.