The Network has compiled a list of words that are constantly confused

The Network has compiled a list of words that are constantly confused

Some are unable to distinguish between George Gregory and imagination from euthanasia.

Wearer Twitter is back launched the social network in a new thread, asking subscribers to write the words whose meaning they can never remember and therefore confuse them with others.

and let’s talk about like normal words, the meaning of which we can never remember.

I, for example, “Corvette” is always in the first second imagine a car — because obviously confusing it with the convertible, and thank you, at least not with a chop.

and you?

— Alfin (@alphyna) 6 Feb 2019

The result is an interesting set, where some of the words, it would seem, is unmistakable.

Playing with friends at poker, could not understand why bet all the money called “Alan”. A few games began to notice that I am very strange to say that word and I found out that this “all-in”.

Nikita Lisitsa (@lisyarus) 6 Feb 2019

In childhood, said Alipova instead of the Eiffel tower, I really think that all go to Paris to see the elves(((((((

— Red (@rijsamurai) 6 Feb 2019

Gregory and George. One of them gosh, who Grisha?

— din (@gindulin) 6 Feb 2019

all my life I thought that “kohlrabi” is some animals like capybaras and couldn’t understand how mom could fry them in batter

— B (@takesomejellly) 6 Feb 2019

Fresh, nothing comes to mind. Remember, in early childhood used “idealist” as TERRIBLE CURSES. Opponents were told.

— Someone (@komuto) 6 Feb 2019

Still sometimes confuse “libido” and “placebo”. And always nervous if you have these words in speech to use, AND THEN SUDDENLY NOT SAY.

— dancer rake (@Izumi_250) 6 Feb 2019

emigrant and immigrant!
if you’re an Expat, it means that somewhere you are an immigrant, unless you are not left to live in the airport
for a moment you have to send all the power of mental activity to understand, people leave or come in this case

— your neighbor (@clausigelos) 6 Feb 2019

I once in my childhood confused the words “trolley” and “tram”, and since then, every time I speak about them, I have to enable the conscious brain to remember how and why is the transport, which is in front of me. Makes me awfully angry, but otherwise confuse? ♂app

— Eugene Gulyi (@thejackgoode) 6 Feb 2019

dad confuses “hostel” and “hospice”

— misty tangle of quivering unrest (@Iampochki) 6 Feb 2019

use “celery” and “lovage” within the meaning of “Bay leaf”

— Victorian of podsnappery (@DashingDorm) 6 Feb 2019

Nausnic and prone already?

— Daria (@chufella) 6 Feb 2019

To marry and to marry. ALL MY LIFE I CONFUSE WHAT MAKES A MAN AND WHAT A WOMAN!!! I can’t remember even though explanations of associations (Samui = female Zamugem and Dae-Dae…).

Well, words 《right》 and 《left》 confused sometimes and can’t remember which is which…

— ҡøm৮я ℳЯҡømҡα (@_ri_j) 6 Feb 2019

“Fantasy” and “euthanasia” is of course … Yes.

— Holy Void✨▽・w・▽✨ (@autodihater) 6 Feb 2019

I have a long passion was equal to passivity.

— Okay, l Archet (@sir_Archet) 6 Feb 2019

when I hear “Jerusalem artichoke”, the first Association is the capybara
nothing can be done about it

— move Roach (@vlexeez) 6 Feb 2019

Long was sure that the cap is something like a vest.

— Adskiy Sotona (@fat_belfegor) 6 Feb 2019

All my life I thought that galecki are little meatballs, and recently learned that cookies, when asked to cook and received the wrong result ?

— Les, recommend a book (@_Easy_please) 6 Feb 2019

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