“Stood before her on my knees.” Difficult happiness Irina Muravyova

“Stood before her on my knees.” Difficult happiness Irina Muravyova

Did not believe in it, but it has proven to be a star, very charming and attractive. And then suddenly changed his life.

Irina Muraveva was born 8 Feb 1949 in Moscow. At first she really wanted to be a teacher. And certainly in the younger grades. But then became interested in Amateur and finishing school, has no doubt in choosing their future profession: he saw himself only as an actress. Therefore, applied in all theatrical high schools of Moscow. And I got turned down.

In the Shchukin school Muravyova and is advised to forget about the profession of acting in the absence of data.

Father at some point tried to remind her about the past dream: to become a teacher. “A teacher without a piece of bread will not stay!” he argued with the daughter. But she stood his ground.

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Not to sit on the parent’s neck, Irina went to work, swapping for a year a few professions. And the following year decided again to try his luck. But, unfortunately, the second attempt failed of admission: all the major theatre institutes Muravyov was not accepted. Agreed to take Irina only in Studio at Children’s theatre, where the competition was small.

Many years later, Muraviev will play in the popular musical Comedy directed by Tatiana Lioznova “Carnival”, released in 1982, Played almost Muraviev himself: the only difference is that her character Nina Solomatina came to Moscow to “learn from the artist” from a small town of Okhansk. Irina was a native Muscovite.

Interestingly, Lioznova, which has always held a huge casting at the time in the selection of Actresses for the female lead role is not doubted. Moreover, Tatyana Muravyova entrusted to practically play itself.

I initially struggled to survive, laboring as a cleaner and seamstress. Therefore, “the Carnival” filmed as a movie about himself, about his life, in which I had to make a wild effort, overcoming poverty, unemployment, loneliness, many difficulties that young people carry now.Tatiana Lisanovalive

Vividly Muravyova played the scene where Solomatina, working part time caretaker, desperately prepared to “be an actress”. This episode is very often shown on TV: her Nina, his mouth stuffed with nuts, pronounces tongue twisters “Cuckoo the cuckoo bought a hood” and “Bull topogun, topoloveni bull.”

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For the year “Carnival” had been viewed more than 30 million people. And Muravyev on the results of a survey of readers of the magazine “Soviet screen” was recognized as the best actress of the year.

Another celebrity picture Muravyova — “Moscow does not trust tears” Vladimir Menshov, brought together a fine team. Raisa Ryazanov, who plays Builder Tosi, told the “AIF”: “shooting we Vera Alentova, Irina Muravyova, Vladimir Menshov and I went and sang. Come back down, too. Was so benevolent, such a wonderful atmosphere! It was a Paradise! After the painting “Moscow does not believe in tears” we were out on the streets, smile, and greet.”