Journalists have made the interactive flight map Elon musk (video)

Journalists have made the interactive flight map Elon musk (video)

In 2018, the businessman flew on a private jet more than 240 thousand kilometers.

Journalists from The Washington Post conducted an investigation and traced the movement of businessman on his private jet. Moreover — they even made an interactive map that shows where last year he visited Musk and the members of his family.

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According to the journalists, in total, of Mask flew more than 240 thousand kilometers (150 thousand miles). For 2018 the plane of the businessman has made more than 250 flights, visiting Asia, Europe, Latin America and the middle East.

According to the data obtained, the Mask not only flew on business, but sent the family on vacation.

In addition, a large number of flights were made from the same part of Los Angeles to another, just to avoid traffic jams.

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