Bloomberg: trump asked for $20 million for permission to call his name to a skyscraper in Moscow

Bloomberg: trump asked for $20 million for permission to call his name to a skyscraper in Moscow

The current President of the United States Donald trump in 2006 requested $20 million for permission to name the Trump Tower skyscraper in Moscow. On 6 February in an interview with Bloomberg said the businessman Pavel Fuks.

Russian and Ukrainian businessman Fuchs said that in 2006, after several meetings with Donald trump in Moscow, he also met with his children Ivanka and Donald Jr. to discuss the plan for the construction of a skyscraper. According to Fuchs, he offered Trump $10 million in installments for the right to use his name in the title, in what trump has demanded $20 million:

He said that $20 million is nothing. I said that is a large amount. In the end we could not agree.

According to Bloomberg, trump in different years also held talks with other entrepreneurs on a project of construction of a skyscraper in Moscow, including in 2015, it supposedly was ready to give permission to be called a skyscraper with his name for $4 million

Representatives of the company the Trump Organization did not respond to a request by Bloomberg for comment. The Agency also added that it did not have any information that would confirm the words of Fuchs.

In an interview with the businessman noted that he was denied entry into the United States. Fuchs also said that “renounced his Russian passport and is now focused on investments in Ukraine”.

Information on the relationship of the tramp with Russian entrepreneurs has value from the point of view of the investigation of spectracolor USA Robert Muller, “About the Russian intervention” in U.S. elections. Participation of Russia in intervention in elections rejected as President trump, and Moscow.

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Even Donald trump.

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