In the Australian Parliament made of bees (video)

In the Australian Parliament made of bees (video)

Calming buzz.

In the courtyard of the Australian Parliament appeared batalnij hives of bees, called meliponini.

Supervised local beekeeper Cormac Farrell.

In the Australian Parliament come from the bee hivesAt boot time the error occurred.

This species of bees has no sting, so the protective suit and gloves are not needed. Sting deputies insects can not.

“We have about 30 hectares of pristine gardens that a whole year full of flowers. The perfect environment. They feel very well”. says Farrell.

Scientists around the world are encouraged to create conditions for breeding of bees, populations of which have begun to decline sharply since 1990-ies. The phenomenon is called “syndrome of destruction of colonies”. It is associated with pathogens that cause diseases of bees and use of pesticides.

If the bees disappear, the world disappears honey and many species of plants that depend on pollination, and even reduced the number of cattle fed alfalfa.

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