American robbed a Bank to get into jail with a delicious meal

American robbed a Bank to get into jail with a delicious meal

And medical care is good there too.

68-year-old William Gallagher was released from prison in new Jersey, where he served 20 years for attempted murder. But freedom man spent a bit of time. After six months, he went to one of the banks in Milwaukee, and asked the cashier the money. The strange thing was that the robber asked the woman to call the police and all the while humbly waiting for the arrival of the guards.

@PrisonPolicy You may be interested in this story about a guy who wants to go back to prison.

— cary spivak (@cspivak) 30 January 2019.

Its a weird thing Gallagher explained simply — he wants to go to jail.NewsRacism, Nazis and gang Orgy: how to live the American prison

A correctional facility in Milwaukee he was very “encouraged” by former inmates. Explaining the motivation of the judge, the offender said that over the years spent behind bars, he had forgotten how to live in society, and therefore decided to go back to prison.

Jail Milwaukee, he was praised for the delicious food, comfortable environment and quality care.

Despite the fact that the man himself wants to get back behind bars at least ten years, it’ll have to wait: judge, surprised by this turn of events was referred for additional investigation.

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