The explosion in the subway of Washington

The explosion in the subway of Washington

A powerful explosion occurred at the station meters in the U.S. capital Washington.

According to the Twitter account BreakingNLive, the explosion occurred at the Rosslyn station in Washington (DC).

Details of incident are specified.

That explosion in #Rosslyn was huge. Shook the entire Townhall office. First responders blocked off the entire street. A bus driver right on the corner told me it was a transformer and said the boom lifted/moved his bus with him in it. Knocked out a few lights.

— Micah Rate (@Micah_Rate) February 5, 2019.

According to eyewitnesses, explosion was very strong. Arrived on the scene, rescuers blocked the surrounding streets.

“The bus driver told me that it was a transformer”, added the eyewitness.

February 5 it was reported that an improvised explosive device detonated at a shopping center in the United States.