The U.S. Senate approved sanctions against Syria and its allies

The U.S. Senate approved sanctions against Syria and its allies

The U.S. Senate approved a bill that provides for the imposition of sanctions against Syria and its allies, including Russia and Iran.

Introduced by Republican Senator Mitch McConnell about a month ago, the bill is called the “Strengthening America’s security in the middle East” (Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act), it was supported by 77 senators, 23 voted against it. Now the document must be approved by the House of representatives, which is controlled by Democrats.

According to the document, sanctions will be imposed for cooperation with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the supply of spare parts for planes and oil products trade. The restrictive measures traditionally include the blocking of accounts and property of physical and legal persons, refusal to issue and cancellation of existing visas United States persons included in the sanctions list.

The bill also proposes to fix the sanctions against Syria, which the US President will not be able to cancel without congressional approval. The document provides for the conclusion of additional agreements on military cooperation with Jordan, the military assistance of $3.3 billion to Israel. The project was previously amended, which calls on the US President not to withdraw the troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

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November 20, the U.S. imposed sanctions against two companies from Russia — Global Vision Group (“global vision group”) and “Promsyreimport” on suspicion of the supply of Iranian oil to Syria. The black list also included first Deputy General Director of “Promsyreimport” Andrew Dagaev.