SK called “rough photomontage” photo sharing Bastrykin and Arashukova

SK called “rough photomontage” photo sharing Bastrykin and Arashukova

Official representative of the Investigative Committee (IC) Svetlana Petrenko has denied reports about the rest of the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin in the family Arshakovich accused of creating a criminal gang.

“In connection with the spreading in the media and social networks information about the stay of Chairman SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic and allegedly personal acquaintance with the family Arshakovich declare that he never was personally acquainted with the members of this family,” — said Petrenko (quoted by “Interfax”).

She noted that the only meeting Bastrykin with Senator Rauf Arashukov was held in the Federation Council during the arrest of the latter.

During summer vacation, 2018 Bastrykin on the recommendation of colleagues stayed with my family for two days in hotel “adiyuh Palace” for their own money, what are the supporting documents.Svetlana Petromaterials UK representative

According to her, about this trip of Chairman SK said on his page in one of social networks, “posting relevant photos”. Other distributed in the Internet photos Bastrykin together with the Senator by Arashukova “are a gross montage”, said the representative office.

The RTVI source: IC head Bastrykin was in friendly relations with the family Arshakovich and repeatedly visited their estate.

The source said that these photos were taken in the summer of 2018 in the estate Arshakovich in Хабезе

— RTVI (@RTVi) 30 January 2019.

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Petrenko said that the information about Bastrykin stay in the house Arshakovich began to appear “after the arrest of members of criminal group by the investigators.”

Senator Arashukov was arrested during a meeting of the Federation Council on 30 January, the court sent him into custody until March 30. Arashukova charged with participation in a criminal organization, two counts of murder and witness tampering. According to the investigation, Arashukov was involved in criminal community, organized by his father Raul. According to the materials of the case, Arashukov, Sr., who served as adviser to the head of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz”, a organized OPS to theft of natural gas to 30 billion rubles, the father of the Senator were also sent under arrest for two months.

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Senator from the Caucasus were detained at the meeting. He is accused of murder and incitement to overthrow the government.

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