In the UK broke with a hammer the tombstone of Karl Marx

In the UK broke with a hammer the tombstone of Karl Marx

Moscow. 5 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Unknown vandals desecrated the grave of German philosopher Karl Marx at Highgate cemetery in London, said on Tuesday the British newspaper the Guardian.

“Marx’s grave was desecrated! It looks like someone went through it with a hammer,” — said in a message posted on Twitter guide Highgate cemetery.

“We’ll fix you (headstone — if) as soon as possible”, — stated in the social network.

Karl Marx’s memorial has been vandalised! It looks like someone has had a go at it with a hammer. It’s a Grade I-listed monument; this is no way to treat our heritage. @MarxLibrary @HeritageCrime We will repair as far as possible.

— Highgate Cemetery (@HighgateCemeter) February 5, 2019

The vandals did not touch the other graves in the cemetery. The Guardian emphasizes that the tombstone of Marx will probably not be able to return to their original appearance even after restoration.

The time of the crime is still unknown. However, the manual Highgate cemetery are confident that the vandals used a hammer, but the blows were inflicted with the left hand.

British police were immediately informed about the incident, an investigation into the incident will begin later on Tuesday.

The grave of German philosopher and writer of Marx are annually visited by tens of thousands of people.

Marx moved with his family from Germany to the UK, where he created his major economic works, including the world — famous “Capital”. His grave is located in the Eastern part of Highgate cemetery, where also lies his wife Jenny and other family members. Initially Marx was buried in 1881, and his headstone was officially opened at a ceremony in 1956.

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